Monday, October 24, 2011

The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 2

*Spoilers ahead!*  Ohhhh boy.  Something tragic happened at the end of the last episode, and that creepy fat guy from Identity is involved.  Poor little Carl got hit with a bullet meant for a deer, and Rick, Shane, and Otis (the shooter) are hauling ass to the Green Family Farm where a doctor awaits.

The doctor is trying his hardest to save Carl, but it's a bit of a challenge when he's actually a veteranarian.  He also needs supplies, which are located at a temporary hospital at a nearby high school.  Why didn't they get these supplies before if they knew about them?  Oh yes, because the high school is overrun by zombies.  Shane and Otis go to check out the school, and I do not think that Otis is the best guy to have with you when you're trying to escape the undead.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group continues to search for the missing little girl.  All are conflicted when they should give up the search and move on.  T-Dog is hurting pretty bad from a cut he got during the herd melee, and no one knows that Merle left behind a shitload of drugs that would help.  A girl from the Greens arrives on horseback to get Lori and bring her back to Carl and Rick.  As Lori expresses cries of pain, my insensitive husband makes jokes about her needing a cheeseburger.  Girlfriend has got SKINNY though.  I guess banging your husband and his best friend really burns those calories.

The rest of the group is feeling separated from their base, and are anxious to join up at the farm and regroup.   But obviously no one wants to leave behind the missing child, so decisions have to be made.  This episode was way more fast-paced and exciting than last week's, and the 60-minute format is definitely better than 90.  But seriously, AMC, can we chill it with the commercials a bit?!??!


Matt-suzaka said...

Yeah, they tease you so well with that first episode, which only had a few commercials in its 90 minute run time. Now it's back to regular commercial breaks, which is always painful and probably why I usually wait until DVD for shows like this. Great episode, though, and if you watch Breaking Bad (and if you don't, you need to!), the meth connection was awesome!