Thursday, October 20, 2011

American Horror Story (2011 TV Series) Episode 3

I find it continously amusing that all of the men on American Horror Story see the maid all young and sexy and inappropriate, while everyone else in life sees her as crusty and old with a weird eye.  We find out in this episode how her eye got that way, and as expected, Constance was the cause.

After seeing a haunted tour go by their house, deeming it the "Murder House," Vivien attempts to dig further into the history of the residence.  Meanwhile, they're still trying to sell the house, despite the fact that's already appearing to be fairly impossible.  We learn that the house was built by a doctor and his wife.  The doctor was on the way to being very successful, but became addicted to alcohol and drugs.  Running out of money, and wishing to retain their lavish lifestyle, the wife forces the doctor to perform abortions to keep them afloat.  Although they don't go into much detail about the problems caused by these procedures, the lady of house traipses through the episode with a giant bloody hole in the back of her head.

Meanwhile, Ben is still trying to get patients, and is struggling. It's especially difficult to build up a schedule when you fall asleep during a suicidal person's appointment.  Ben quickly blames his sleepiness on the maid, and she responds by admitting his mistress to his office.  BURN!  Ben's dirty little secret has decided not to go away quietly, and he's faced with more problems than before.

While Vivien is feeling weak and broken from the recent home invasion, Violet is feeling empowered and unwillingly to leave the "soulful" house.  She's hanging out and smoking cigarettes with her new boy-toy/possibly Constance's son. 

We're left with plenty of questions, as seems to be the norm with this show.  This wasn't as good as episode 2, but I'm really looking forward to episode 4, and the rest of what appears to be a greenlighted full season.  YAY!