Monday, October 24, 2011

Locked Doors by Blake Crouch

In a frenzy earlier this year, I basically read every Blake Crouch, Jack Kilborn, and J.A. Konrath book that I could get my grubby little hands on.  I didn't get around to writing too many reviews, because I was just reading them too fast and never thought to stop and write about them.  Now I've gone back for some re-reads and to write up some thoughts.

Locked Doors is the sequel to Desert Places and is the second book in the Andrew Thomas series.  *Spoilers ahead* because there's pretty much no way to talk about this book without spoiling the last one.  Seven years previous, Andrew thought that he left his brother, Orson, dead, and his friend Luther Kite to freeze to death in the snowy desert.  He has created a new identity, hiding out in a cabin in the Yukon and cooking at a local restaurant.

However, he checks the news frequently to see of anything that surfaces regarding himself, Orson, or Luther.  Most of these searches are fruitless, until he discovers that people he knew in his "previous" life are being kidnapped and killed.  He finds himself on the run once again, in search of the elusive Luther Kite.  Meanwhile, a young detective, Violet King, is also on the hunt for Kite, having been set on his trail by evidence left at a murder scene.

Soon, Andrew, Violet, and Beth (Andrew's best friend's wife) will find themselves in quite the precarious position with the Kite family.  As with most of Crouch's works, it's a fight to the death and often a surprise to see who survives in the end.  Locked Doors is followed by Break You.