Monday, October 24, 2011

Break You by Blake Crouch

*Spoilers ahead!*  Break You is the third installment in the Andrew Thomas series.  Violet and Andrew thought they made a clean escape back to their secluded home in the Yukon.  Raising Violet's infant son, and nurturing a burgeoning romance, it seems as if they've put the past behind them.

But the monster lurking behind them has waited for them to feel such comfort so that he can pounce.  Andrew and Violet find themselves living back in a nightmare, which will present painful challenges to save infant Max, and themselves.

They endure incredible amounts of torture, both inflicted by the omnipresent Luther Kite, and each other.  There's less of an actual story behind Break You and really more pain, suffering, and humiliation, all while I'm left to worry about the safety of two infants.  Kite is one tough cookie, but I guess Break You proves that Violet and Andrew are pretty unbreakable as well.

Break You is a novella, and shorter than the other Andrew Thomas stories.  I didn't like this one as much, because I just couldn't seem to picture what was happening.  The knife fight between the women was contrived and fairly unbelievable.  And although I love the intricate and exciting descriptions of torture that Blake Crouch can work up, as Break You wore on, I found myself questioning whether anyone could actually live through any of this nonsense, nonetheless say that it barely even hurt him.  I also had a hard time picturing the landscape; although I found the desert, the Yukon, and the Outer Banks to be so intricately described, I just couldn't wrap my head around the Detroit urban wasteland. 

I'm looking forward to Stirred, a collaboration between J.A. Konrath and Blake Crouch, which will serve as a sequel to Break You, and a continuation to the Andrew Thomas series.  Both Kite and Thomas appeared to have at least a pulse at the end of this one, so maybe we'll see them heal up and come back for the next book.