Monday, July 18, 2011

Fear Itself Episode 4: The Sacrifice

My first thought upon seeing the ladies in this movie?  Who are these girls, and why do they all look like slightly different versions of Melissa George?  A group of cons is on the run, with an injured friend and no where to go.  Doesn't this sound like another movie I just watched?

The guys locate homestead in the woods, only to discover it's inhabited by several beautiful women that are living an Amish lifestyle.  Apparently they seem well-equipped to take care of the injured amigo, and the boys are encouraged to eat some stew.  The female residents focus on seducing the men, but why?  Oh, because they have a vampire living among them, to whom they offer visitors as food. 

Of course, no one wants to be someone's lunch and a battle ensues.  The girls are concerned about keeping themselves alive and the vampire fed. But obviously it's not going to be that easy as everyone fights for their lives.

This episode was a little bland, and fairly unbelievable.  I mean, maybe I'm sort of vampire-d out, but this was sort of like someone escaped from 30 Days of Night and landed in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.   The acting and effects weren't horrible, but the the story just kind of fell flat.