Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fear Itself Episode 3: Community

Now this is an episode I can get behind.  I'm currently apartment hunting, although certainly not moving to the suburbs.  Bobby and Tracy are living in the city, but Tracy desperately wants to have a baby in a home with more space and such.

She seems to pretty much force Bobby to move into a development called The Commons, which has the best of everything, as long as you follow the rules.  And rules, there are.  However, these dumbasses never really read the contract they're signing, and move in quite naively. 

Things are strange from the start, when neighbors seem to bombard them with niceties and gifts.  They soon become even more suspicious as the neighbors are all up in their biz about the state of their marriage, and when they're going to get pregnant.  One night, they're flipping through the channels and see that the neighbors actions are being broadcast.  They witness infidelity, and later, the punishment.

Soon, Bobby and Tracy realize that their neighbors are more serious about the "community" than they ever could imagine.  The rules in the contract are non-negotiable, and the punishment for breaking them is severe.  They try to fight back, but will the neighbors wear them down?

This episode was seriously creepy and definitely my favorite so far.  You never do really know about your neighbors, and this plot really takes it to the extreme.  I saw that the director of this episode also directed American Psycho and that tone definitely came through here.  A keeper for sure, pig masks and all.

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