Monday, July 18, 2011

Fear Itself Episode 5: In Sickness and in Health

Ooooohhh, wedding horror.  I can't say I've seen too much of this before.  In what seems to be a habit of casting look-alikes in this series, the star of this hour could pass for a young Kristy Swanson.  Well either way, this is pretty much the worst wedding ever.  Samantha is about to marry Carlos, who she has only been dating for a short time.  Everyone seems to be against the wedding, and she doesn't really seem to be too thrilled about it herself.

Right before the ceremony is set to begin, Samantha receives a random note, apparently passed via the priest.  She reads the note, and is shocked to see that it says "the person you are marrying is a serial killer."  Although she doesn't reveal the contents of the note to her friends, they are already pretty wary of Carlos and only need a small excuse to just halt this whole business.

But the wedding goes on, with no one too enthusiastic or happy.  When everyone should be headed to the reception to indulge in copious free booze, everyone appears to be wearing winter coats and traipsing about the church and streets.  Samantha seems to be hiding from her apparent serial killer husband, and their family and friends are hiding from both of their crazy asses.

After much cat and mouse, there is a fun twist to this story that I appreciated.  This whole episode actually reminded me of John Landis's episode of Masters of Horror: Family.  It had sort of the same creepy, eerie vibe.  This episode was effective in the beginning and end, but sort of lagged a bit in the middle.  Not a throwaway episode, but not the best either.

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