Monday, May 23, 2011

The Screwfly Solution (2006)

I haven't watched a Masters of Horror in a while, but I only had an hour to squeeze in some gory goodness tonight, and luckily The Screwfly Solution was the perfect fit.  Also, horror with Jason Priestly?  Bring it on.

This episode of MOH was actually based on a 1977 science fiction story of the same name.  I've never read the story, but apparently the episode differs a bit, by expanding single lines into entire scenes. 
So this one time there were bugs called screwflies.  They infected a bunch of livestock and animals and such, killing many.  Scientists eradicated them by capturing male flies, sterilizing them, and setting them back into the wild.  After a couple of generations, they were pretty much dead.

Now it's regular times and we have a bit of a problem.  Apparently men are becoming sexually aroused and then crazy violent, killing women that get in their way (or turn them on?).  The theory is that someone has removed the mental/physical link between sex and violence in men, and now they just go straight from horny to homicide.

Women start getting all panicked and requesting female-only flights and rushing to overcrowded women's shelters.  Alan (Jason Priestly) is involved in the search for the cure and warns his wife Anne (Kerry Norton) and daughter Amy (Brenna O'Brien) to get the fuck out of Dodge before it's too late.  Of course they can't travel without running into trouble, and life changes for everyone.

I liked this episode altogether but I found the ending kind of meh.  Although I try not to, I find myself comparing many episodes of MOH to my favorite, Imprint and they never quite measure up.  Although I'm not typically a science fiction fan, I did enjoy this one overall and would say it's one of the better episodes.