Monday, May 23, 2011

Run by Blake Crouch

In one of its reviews on Amazon, Run was compared to "Stephen King meets Cormac McCarthy."   I would say that's right on the money.  That statement drew me to the book, and the story kept me glued to it for days.  This book was sort of The Stand meets The Road meets 28 Days Later.

Run is about a sudden event, which causes people to get ridiculously angry and kill those around them.  The "affected" read off names and addresses of the "unaffected" on the radio, which was particularly chilling to me.  Jack Colclough and his family are on the list, and therefore they go on the run.

Armed with only one gun, and dwindling supplies, Jack and his wife Dee, and children Naomi and Cole, are faced with a violent and bleak world.  Cities are burned to the ground, and people who appear normal are driven to inflict torture and death.  The family is faced with trying to hide from psychopaths that are becoming more organized, while trying to outlast hunger, thirst, and the rough elements they are traveling through.

I'm such a sucker for apocalypse and survival stories, and Run did not disappoint.  Although a little slow at times, the story was great, and the descriptions really pulled the reader into the story.  I really liked how the story came full circle in the end, which is something you don't get in all horror novels.