Monday, April 18, 2011

Isolation (2005)

I know.  Killer cows, right?  What the fuck?  And it comes from Ireland?  They make horror movies now? I don't care.  This movie was freakin' scary, man.

Seriously, the concept seems so random and destined to fail.  But it was executed really well and made it a unique and scary flick.  Basically, Isolation is about a broke farmer (Dan) who takes cash from a genetics lab wanting to do testing on his cows.  He isn't told what they're doing, but he has befriended (or maybe more?) the vet (Orla) who checks on the animals.

There's also some others involved.  Jamie and Mary have parked their trailer on his property, running from Mary's angry brothers.  Initially, Dan wants them to leave, but gives them one night to get their shit together.

Meanwhile, one of the cows is giving birth.  This cow (and maybe it's calf?) has been treated with the genetic enhancements and the delivery may not be routine.  Dan has difficulty, and calls in the squatters to help.  This starts a domino effect when everyone realizes that the baby cow is no cute little animal.  In fact, it's a raging beast that could be host to any number of creatures that could take out the whole country.

Definitely check this movie out even though the concept sounds silly!  It's really a solid watch.  I'm excited to see more horror come out of Ireland.


Chris Regan said...

I loved this film! The effects were awesome and it was really refreshing to see actual slime and gunk rather than CGI slime and gunk. Great monster too.