Monday, April 18, 2011

iMurders (2008)

I pretty much only watched this movie because my man William Forsythe is in it.   I mean, I watch a lot of crap, but iMurders?  That's like the worst name for a horror movie EVER.  However, I actually liked this movie.  We've got some pretty solid acting power up in here, including Tony Todd, Charles Durning, and Billy Dee Williams.

Capitalizing on the success of Facebook, iMurders employs something called FaceSpace.  Several characters involved in the movie have all met through FaceSpace and now convene once a week for a chat night.  The chatters come from all walks of life and range from models to college professors to special effects gurus.  Not only do they chat from week to week, but they also play a little game to keep the group exciting.

One week, the special effects guy sets up a Halloween-themed game.  As we watch him get slaughtered on the webcam, we think it's just some very intense game play.  But no!  Someone is seeking to kill everyone in the chat group...including sexxxayyy prof Forsythe.  But why?  And that's what you need to find out by watching this movie.

Sure this was a little corny, but the story kept me hooked.  I found the end to be a surprise and the acting, twists, and characters were good all around.  I mean, a lot of movies I like get a less than 5 on IMDB so I'm not going to let that sway me ;)