Saturday, March 26, 2011

Random: 30 Day Horror Challenge Day 1

I'm one day behind on this 30-Day Horror Challenge, but I'm going to catch up today.  These 30 Day things seem really big on Facebook, where all my teenage cousins seem to be doing them.  Yay, finally one for grown-ups.

Today's topic? A horror film that no one would expect you to love, but you do.

I was literally the only person that voted for When a Stranger Calls for Final Girl's Shocktober last year.  I did a lot of babysitting as a teenager, and babysitter movies always freaked me out to the core.  One of the creepiest parts about babysitting was going to check on the kids periodically, and I always had the sinking feeling I'd look in on them one night to find them gone.  Couple that with the fact that I am terrified of children from horror movies (I used to babysit a kid that was creepily similar to Gage from Pet Semetary) and you've got someone who would be afraid of a movie that involves Carol Kane.

Obviously the first 30 minutes of When a Stranger Calls is far superior to the rest of the movie, but I still think that scene in the restaurant at the end is bananas.  Also an awesome movie is the little-known When a Stranger Calls Back, a made-for-TV movies from the 90s that seriously gives me the willies.  I haven't seen it in years (after I lost the VHS that my sister and I taped off of television) so if someone can hook a sister up, let me know.

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