Saturday, March 26, 2011

Random: 30 Day Challenge Day 2

Today's question: What horror film do you relate the most to?

This is a tough one.  Although I love many horror movies, I don't really think about relating to them that much.  My love for horror began when I was in junior high.  I had a friend, and she and her sisters were obsessed with horror movies.  When we had sleepovers at her house, where we would stay up all night watching everything from Dream Warriors to The Exorcist.

After that, my sister got in on my love of horror.  On weekend nights where nothing was going on in our small town, we would stock up on B-movies and candy and have a horror marathon.  The late 90s to early 00s also brought the resurgence of teen horror movies.  Kicked off by Scream, we got such gems as I Know What You Did Last Summer and Urban Legend.

The Faculty was released in 1998, when I was a freshman in high school.  In order to see it in the theaters, my sister and I had to beg my mom to drive us to the mall, where we then bought tickets for something PG-13, and snuck into The Faculty.  At the age of 15, the thought of teachers being aliens was certainly not farfetched.  All the guys in the movie were so hot, and the girls were sporting the outfits we wished we were wearing. 

There were a lot of teenage movies I related to at that time (American Pie, anyone?) but The Faculty made its mark, and made me look at teachers even more weirdly than I already did.

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