Thursday, March 24, 2011

Basket Case (1982)

Basket Case is gooey 80s cheese on par with Hobgoblins.  Everything is so glorious about this movie, from the bizarre over-acting to the claymation-esque effects to the gritty depiction of New York City.

Duane Bradley (hailing from Glens Falls, NY....holla) makes his first trip into the city lugging a conspicuous basket around.  Apparently the basket contains his conjoined twin, Belial, who was removed against both of their wills.  Duane and his twin are out to seek revenge on those who have wronged them, including the doctors who separated them.

Along the way, they meet many characters and encounter many trials and tribulations.  Although Duane wants to have a somewhat normal life, his twin is afraid of being deserted.  When he leaves Belial briefly to go on a date, he retaliates, trashes the room and starts killing people.  Duane also befriends a prostitute who gets him so drunk he reveals the contents of the basket.  Mwahahaha.  Of course, you can't keep a deformed Siamese twin in a basket forever, and Belial has the urge to escape and wreak havoc.  Blood, hilarity, and deformed boob-touching ensue.

This film is obviously low budget, and the director claims that the wad of money that Duane flashes in the beginning of the flick was all the dinero they had for the movie.  But the effects are pretty good for such a low budget, and it's pretty apparent that the corniness and overacting are intentional.  The death scenes are pretty freakin' awesome, and well-played for a creature that looks like a squashed octopus.  For the fact that this was generally filmed at a hodgepodge of different locations, mostly borrowed or without permits, everything looked legit and flowed together pretty well.  This is a serious B classic, with so many awesome one-liners. If you're looking for some gore, laughs, and a crazy-ass storyline, then look no further than Basket Case.

I also find it endlessly hysterical that this was called "Where Do You Hide, Brother?" in Spanish.  Obviously, I'm easily amused.
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