Friday, March 18, 2011

Jason X (2001)

What do you do when Freddy vs. Jason is getting delayed once again, and you're desperate to give people some Jason Voorhees?  Send him to space, of course.   Duh.

Apparently the events of Jason X actually took place AFTER Freddy vs. Jason, what with it being in the future and all.  So I guess after Freddy and Jason were strolling around the end of that movie, Jason ended up in the Crystal Lake Research Facility sometime in the future.  Got it?  It really doesn't matter.  This movie was obviously intended to be beyond ridiculous.

So it's the future and there is some sort of research facility at Crystal Lake.  Of all places.  Jason has been captured and a bunch of researchers are trying to figure out why he won't freakin' die.  Ever.  But things go awry (obviously) and one of the researchers becomes trapped in some sort of cryogenic chamber. 

Centuries later, Earth is a wasteland.  Now people travel around in space contraptions, returning to the planet occasionally to do some research (lots of researching in this movie).  On one of these little expeditions, they find the scientist and Jason Voorhees icicles and are excited to discover how long they've been frozen.  Before anyone can realized that shit is fucked up, they thaw out Jason and let him loose.

Jason terrorizes the ship in his normal form, before mutating into some sort of Robocop Jason at some point.  This flick yields one of the best kills in Friday the 13th history (pictured above) when he dunks a chick's face into liquid nitrogen and shatters it on the table.  Everyone in this movie is dressed like they wandered off the set of Jawbreaker and there is even a femme-bot for your enjoyment.  This movie definitely meets the qualifications for so-bad-it's-good.

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Michele (TheGirlWhoLovesHorror) said...

Mmm, LOVE Jason X. Good kills and a good fun time all around. Great scene where they try to trick Jason with the counselor-virtual-reality thing.

I love when Rowan is telling them all the ways they tried to kill Jason and he wouldn't die. I was just thinking, "Well, did you try chopping him up into little pieces and then burning them or something? Cuz I'm pretty sure THAT would have worked better than just hanging him." Just sayin'.

Maynard Morrissey said...

A super-silly but highly entertaining slasherfest, and undoubtedly the only enjoyable flick from rubbish-director James Isaac :)