Monday, March 28, 2011

The Maze (2010)

I'm from upstate New York, where corn mazes are the norm.  There's two types of corn mazes in my neck of the woods (fields?).  There's the Halloween corn mazes, where people jump out and scare the crap out of you.  And there's the summertime corn mazes, where there are clues and riddles to find your way through.

The maze in this movie appears to be some sort of Halloween maze since it seems to be cold out.  A group of friends decide they want to go to a corn maze.  Not the one near where they live, because the one in the boons is better.  But they get lost and it gets really late and dark.  The corn maze would probably be closed by now and if this were me, I would hit the nearest bar. 

However, these dipshits decide to go anyway.  Obviously, shit is closed down for the night, but they decide to get a flashlight and play tag in the corn.  This is a particularly weird corn maze, which is Alice in Wonderland themed and has lots of creepy props.  After a while, they split up to play hide and seek, and start noticing a creeper in a red hoodie skulking around.  But of course they're all alone at this point, and have no defenses against a non-speaking individual with a knife.

All homeboy has in mind is killing, and his objective is to pick off these poor suckers one by one.  There's screaming and running away and trying to defend themselves, but you could pretty much imagine how that turns out.  There is a fun little mystery to the identity of the person in the red coat, and I found it to be interesting. 

This movie got a pretty shitty rating on IMDB but I didn't think it was THAT bad.  Sure, the acting was mediocre and the idiots in the corn could have made better decisions, but if they were smart, we wouldn't have a movie.  It sure was no Isaac and Malachy, but I liked it.

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