Monday, March 28, 2011

Shredder (2003)

I've never been snowboarding, but my husband recently picked it up and became obsessed.  I'm also running out of horror movies to force him to watch.  Luckily, I came across Shredder, a horror movie about snowboarders being stalked by a snowboard-hater.  Good times, right?

A nice enough guy, Cole, is planning on heading up to the mountains for a romantic weekend with his girlfriend Kimberly.  Kimmy is a super-rich ice queen and apparently hasn't been giving up the goods.  Cole thinks that this will be the perfect weekend to seduce the little lady.

Little does he know that Kimberly has booked an entire entourage to join them on the trip, including a super-horny brunette that runs around the snow in her bra, a champion snowboarder, a goth-type outcast, and a hot Frenchman they pick up at a gas station. 

They arrive at the ski lodge to find out its not what anyone expected.  It's not really a resort, as much as an abandoned mountain that's selling for dirt cheap because of all the murders that occurred there.  Looks like Kim's daddy wants the randy co-eds to give it a test drive before he commits to the down payment.  The mountains are awesome, but the indoors leaves something to be desired.   There's no heat or hot water, but these kids seem to keep busy by seducing local law enforcement, and each other.

But what lurks in the snow?  A killer who hates snowboarders!  They cause accidents, don't follow ski etiquette and are just general nuisances on the slopes.  Those darn kids and their snow surfing.  Someone should take care of them.  And take care of them, they do.  There's nothing like freezing people like popsicles, chopping off their heads, and sticking them into a shredder.  That'll get rid of that pesky snowboarding problem.

The acting in this movie was about as fake as all the girls' boobs, but this movie was lots of fun.  Decent story, amusing characters, and some good kill scenes.  Worth a watch for a laugh.