Monday, March 28, 2011

Random: 30 Day Horror Challenge Day 6

What's your favorite vampire movie?

I'm probably liable to get some shit from the purists on this one, but haters gonna hate, yo.  I love From Dusk Til Dawn so much....don't even get me started.  I know there's a lot of animosity against Tarantino and/or Rodriguez out there, but count me in as a fan.  In my opinion, this is a near-perfect movie, with crime, shootouts, vampires, Clooney, Trejo, and Salma Hayek at her prime, dancing with a goddamn snake.

There's so much that's awesome about this movie, from the liquor store explosion to Seth's arrival with the burgers, to Juliette Lewis slamming down those whiskey shots like a champ.  So much great acting in this movie and a serious vibe that stays with you from the motel room to the trailer to the Titty Twister.  The story is pure Tarantino and the horror and effects are solid Rodriguez.  It doesn't get much better than this, kids.