Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sympathy (2007)

What a crazy little movie this was.  Rumored to have been made for $6,500 and edited on a Mac, this is the kind of low-budget independent horror that the fans want to see.  Sympathy is getting compared to Hitchcock and Tarantino, and I would say this definitely has a Reservoir Dogs type vibe.

Sympathy takes place solely in a seedy motel and only has three characters.  It kicks off with Sara (Marina Shtelen) being dragged into a hotel room by bank robber Trip (Steven Pricthard)  But it seems the little lady is not getting tied up that easily and she puts up quite the fight, both physically and mentally.  Trip doesn't seem like the most seasoned bank robber/kidnapper and fumbles around making rookie mistakes.

Meanwhile, the duo gets a visitor in the form of recently escaped prisoner Dennis  (Aaron Boucher).  He sees what's up here -- feisty hostage and idiot captor - and decides to take over.  I have to say that the scenes between Sara and Dennis were both chilling and strangely sexy.  The two actors had crazy chemistry (if that's the right word) and delivered exactly what you were looking for in this situation.

I don't want to give too much more away about this movie, but there's definitely some wild twists and turns along with blood, gore, and even a touch of cannibalism.  Director Andrew Moorman really looks like her has a promising future ahead, and I would say the same for the actors.  I'd really love to see Marina  screaming through a few horror movies as the final girl.  Watch out, Danielle Harris ;o)