Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blood Creek (2007)

This was my husband's remark after watching this movie: "You make me watch a lot of crap.  This is probably the worst movie I've ever seen."  And I pretty much agree.

Not to be confused with the Nazi-ish movie of the same name (which was also garbage) Blood Creek kicks off with a group of friends drinking beers and goofing off in their backyard.  In fact I'm pretty sure someone actually filmed this whole thing in a friend's backyard.  They play truth or dare, they go swimming, blah blah blah yawn.  Later on that night, a creepy lady with a baby stops by, ranting some nonsense about "disturbing her rest."  They think she's just pissed about the volume of the party and they go on with their evening.

The next day, the crew takes off for a camping trip.  One of the girls is particularly fixated on taking pictures, and asks that they pull over at an old barn on the way for a photo op.  Later, she looks at the picture, and there is no one in it.  Soon enough, they learn that the barn holds a creepy legend.  A farmer hung himself, leaving his family alone, and specifically his older daughter alone in the dark of the barn.  (Why she couldn't just open the barn door and leave is never explained)

They continue on to the camping, set up the tents, pop some brews and settle in for the evening.  However, one of them has the idea that they should go back to the barn and perform some sort of stupid ritual.  Conveniently enough for him, he will wait outside and keep watch, declining to participate in his own stupid idea.  Things go vaguely awry from here, in the sense that they get sort-of stalked by the ghost of the dead man and the lady with the baby.  But mostly they just wander around drunk and pick on each other. 

This movie was just so stupid.  The editing was horrendous and you could see little blips while characters were talking.  The story was just so lame....ooooohhhhh a farmer killed himself....and now he haunts a whole area?  There was no wrongdoing to get revenge for, dude.  This flick is not worth the DVD it was printed on, and thank goodness for Netflix so I can just put this in the envelope and send it back.