Sunday, November 14, 2010

Albert Fish (2007)

I am SUCH a dork for documentaries.  The hubs and I watch all kinds of crazy docs.  I understand that this movie is sort of a docu-drama, which I don't appreciate as much but it's about serial killers so I'm diving in.

Albert Fish got into my head lately because I did a recent rewatch of House of 1000 Corpses.  The name got into my head and I remembered what a f-ed up case this whole thing was.  Anyway, to the movie.

First off, I'm a resident of New York City, so it's really awesome to see the old photos and footage of early 1900s NYC.  The Unsolved Mysteries type reenactments are really not my jam though.  I'd rather have a straight documentary with old recordings and current experts on crime and such.   They had several actors doing replays of Albert Fish at different times in his life.  These portrayals were pretty exaggerated and overboard, and in my opinion, kind of took away from it a bit.

Anyway, although I've read the Albert Fish section on Wikipedia and Crime Library and such, I did learn some new facts from this faux-ish documentary.  Mostly on the gory details of the murders and Fish's various wild sexual escapades.  This man was seriously bananas.  I do agree with other reviewers though that they went kind of overboard on the religious aspect and corny interim shots of red paint being thrown on the walls and such.

If you've already read a good amount about Fish, you're not going to get TOO much new information from this docu-drama.  But it was pretty decent to watch...I just wish they would have focused more on the docu and less on the drama.