Monday, November 1, 2010

Random: Chiller Theatre Convention 2010

I went to the Chiller Theatre convention in Parsippany, NJ on Friday and it was an awesome time.  Chiller is a little more on the small side, but I had a total blast.  The only general disappointment was the fact that EVERYONE was charging heavily for autographs and photos.  I mean, seriously $25 for a picture with the lady that played Magenta in The Rocky Horror Picture Show?  $30 for a photo with Lita from the WWE?  This was a little surprising to me.

Anyway, no one can stop me from taking my own photos and offering color commentary.   First off was the best part of the convention, which was the fact that I met Bill freakin' Moseley.  I barely remember this momentous event because I was insanely nervous.  Full disclosure -- I did pay $25 for an autographed poster and a photo op, but it was well, well worth it.  I was too nervous to say anything I planned on saying, but there's always next time.

Things of interest: Bill Moseley is incredibly nice and down to earth, and he is also left-handed.  He volunteered to write "there's no ice cream in your fucking future" without me even suggesting it.  He also is pretty damn smart, and I did read somewhere that he went to Yale.  He was so awesome and I would love to talk to him again.

Also freakin' awesome as hell?  WILLIAM FORSYTHE, man.  We barely saw him at first because he somehow got seated in between Ralph Macchio and Linda Blair, while all the Devil's Rejects/House of 1000 Corpses cast was in one general area.  We walked up to him, had a chat about The Rig and told him we missed him at the Comic Con.  He informed us that he finished filming Infected just that morning.  He was so cool when I asked him for a photo and didn't charge me a cent.  Also, please excuse the fact that I am beaming like a complete dork in the photo.

Who else was there from the horror universe?

 This is a close as you will get to taking a photo of Tom Savini.  In fact, if you look at Tom Savini for more than a few seconds, his handler will tell you to move on.  He's charging $30 for autographs, ONLY on the merchandise you buy from his table.  Sorry, but he seemed like kind of a jerk.

Irwin Keyes from House of 1000 Corpses.  He expressed much interest in doing a prequel.

 Ginger Lynn from The Devil's Rejects.  Did you know she was a Penthouse model and a porn star?  She had a LONGGG line at her table.

Linda Blair.  I was supposed to get an autograph for my mom.  I texted her and asked if she wanted to give me $25 for it and she said no way.

Fred Williamson of From Dusk Til Dawn fame.

I also stopped by the table for Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead, a local NYC show I reviewed recently.  The actors/actresses are beyond awesome, and let me take some photos after we chatted about my blog/review.

Chiller Theatre was definitely worth the trip, especially if you are looking for rare DVDs, memorabilia, etc.  However, do not be disappointed (like I kinda was) that nearly every celebrity was charging a mint for autographs or photos.


Andy said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Smaller cons have their own charm, dontcha think?

I've heard rumors that Savini can be a lot more personable if you catch him at the hotel bar and buy him a drink.

the jaded viewer said...

Yeah the graphs and photos are outrageous which is why I dont go to Chiller anymore.

But those Zombie Hunters TV show peeps are pretty cool. I met em too.

Jenny Krueger said...

That's so cool you were able to go to this, I've always wanted to go to a horror convention but never had the money to do it. It's pathetic that they charge pretty much $30 bucks for a picture and autograph and some of these people aren't even worth $30. Anyway besides that I'm glad you had fun.

Anonymous said...

avrei voluto andare al theatre di parsippany per vedere il grande ralph macchio di karate kid ma mi ero lasciata con il mio fidanzato e non ero dell'umore giusto

Anonymous said...

cmi sarebbe piaciuto vedere anche la stupenda daria nicolodi al theatre di parsippany