Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Infection (2004)

I've been in the serious mood for some Japanese horror lately.  I've been running my mouth about Ichi the Killer ever since I saw it, so it was time to get another dose. 

Infection is about a hospital in Japan that is short staffed and very low budget.  They're taking care of a few patients, utilizing a very exhausted staff.  At the same time, a patient in critical condition arrives in the ER, and a long-time burn patient flat lines.  The staff races to the burn victim, but a minor mistake in vocabulary leads to his demise.  The staff rushes to cover up the mistake before the health officials become involved.  Meanwhile, the critical patient has been left in the ER, unattended.

The doctors return to the ER to find the patient afflicted with a crazy virus that is causing his organs to liquefy.  Some of the staff wishes to call health officials, but others think they can solve the problem and become medical heroes.  As the infection begins to spread, things get out of control and turn from diagnosis to survival.

This movie was seriously creepy, and definitely fast-paced for an Asian horror movie.  The only thing that threw me off a little was the ending.  You need to do a little thinking about colors and dream infections and all of that before you'll truly get it.  This is part of a series of movies and I'm excited to check out the rest.