Thursday, October 28, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)

*There might be spoilers's sort of hard to even start reviewing this movie without giving away a bit of the premise*

I'm a little late on this post, sorry!  I saw Paranormal Activity 2 this weekend, and I loved it, dammit.  Usually I have equal hatred for both hype and sequels, but I really think that the Paranormal Activity series is sort of a new animal in the horror universe.

Paranormal Activity 2 serves as sort of a prequel to Paranormal Activity.  So if you've seen any of the crazy Tweets or whatever about "OMG MICAH IS ALIVE!!11!!!" it's not anything about ghosts.  PA2 simply takes place mostly simultaneously with the events in PA.

In PA2, Kristi is Katie's sister.  Kristi and her husband Dan have a baby Hunter, who joins their family with their older daughter, Ali.  We follow the first months of Hunter's life and everything is fine and he is super-cute.  All is well until their house is suddenly vandalized.  However, all that is stolen is a necklace that was a gift from Katie to Kristi.

Fear causes the family to install cameras around the house for their security.  But in the meantime, their housekeeper/nanny, Martine suspects that something supernatural is afoot.  Dan fires Martine for burning incense and trying to rid the house of spirits.  Meanwhile, the violence in the house escalates as a supposed demon continues to terrorize the family.

I really did like this movie and I found it seriously creepy.  The end was especially scary and I loveddddd how everything was tied together.  I especially appreciate the explanation for why their whole family (including Katie) was being terrorized.  It was definitely not a cop-out.  And of course, they left it open for Paranormal Activity 3.  In fact, the whole story worked together so seamlessly, I wonder if they were planning to make all three in the first place...?

Personally, I thought that Paranormal Activity was scarier, but my husband thought that this one was.  So your thoughts might go either way.  But definitely check it out.