Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead

I was lucky enough to receive the first eight episodes of the underground-ish zombie show, Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead.  For those of us who love low-budget horror goodness, this is the Evil Dead for zombie fans.

Long before The Walking Dead hit AMC, Zombie Hunters was creating undead drama in delicious half-hour bites. ZH follows a small band of vigilantes fighting a zombie attack that threatens to consume New York City.  Although the group's core is John, Billy, and Bates, they join together with others along the way.  It's an interesting look at a zombie plague.  They're not in 28 Days Later survival status quite yet, but defending their city and preparing for the apocalypse.

The zombie makeup on this show is impressive, and very reminiscent of Savini's style.  Although this is produced on a limited budget by people with day jobs, the special effects are pretty good, and keep improving as the series progresses.  The drama is solid, and I definitely looked forward to each episode to see what would happen next.  There are several unique storylines and viewpoints to keep your attention.

That's not to say that Zombie Hunters doesn't have its faults.  The acting is hit or miss, with the main characters being pretty damn believable and the supporting cast being generally meh.  The storyline tends to be disjointed at times, and you might find yourself asking, "hold on, what's happening?  Did I miss something?"

Creator Patrick Devaney is definitely a graduate of the Romero zombie school.  His influence is seen everywhere, but not in a rip-off type of way.  The vigilantes, and many of the supporting characters, are down-home types that you really find yourself rooting for.  The show's got a hell of a lot of heart, and that's more than you can say for most horror nowadays.

So support independent horror, bitches!  Zombie Hunters airs on television in NYC, but you can also order and watch episodes at their website: www.zombiehuntershow.com.  They'll also be making an appearance at the Chiller Theatre Con in Jersey this weekend.