Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Red Mist/Freakdog (2008)

For some reason unknown to me, this movie has two names.  IMDB tells me it's Freakdog, but the cover of my Blu-Ray says it's Red Mist.  This is a movie from the great UK and even has one of the badass chicks from The Descent in it.

The story itself takes place at an American hospital.  There are a group of med students interning at Forthaven General Hospital and a creepy morgue attendant who is stalking one of the girls (Arielle Kebbel as Catherine)

They take a night off for boozing and recreational drugs.  Super creeper (Kenneth) follows them to the bar to try to pick up Catherine.  When he fails, he mentions that he has video of one of the fellow medical students stealing drugs from the hospital pharmacy.  In order to keep him quiet, they invite him to join in the party.  However, they give Kenneth far too much alcohol and drugs and he goes into some sort of seizure.

In true I Know What You Did Last Summer fashion, the students peace out on the body in order to save their own asses/careers/whatever.  Kenneth winds up in a deep coma in the very hospital they all work at.  Catherine gets wracked with guilt about what they did, and tries to save poor Kenneth.  She reads up on an experimental medication for coma patients and gives it a shot.  But unfortunately the results are not as expected.  Apparently now Kenneth's spirit can inhabit other bodies and force them to kill kill kill.

This movie was pretty good and had some gory and creative death scenes.  The naming thing is a little weird, but if I were to weigh in, I would say the movie should be called Freakdog.  That actually has something to do with the plot as opposed to Red Mist, which seemingly has nothing to do with anything.

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