Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Movie News: The Devil's Rejects 2?

So this is all pure speculation, and I'm sure Rob Zombie is just fucking with us, but The Devil's Rejects 2?  Seriously?  I might have had a heart attack (of excitement) upon reading this.

Here's the deal: Rob Zombie has this website.  To make people like me run straight to the "new post" button, he puts up a poll of what movie he should do next.  The choices are: Werewolf Women of the SS, The Blob, T-Rex, and....The Devil's Rejects 2.  Please note the absence of any mention of Halloween...thank God.

So the vote is in TDR's favor right now...with Werewolf Women close behind.  No one cares about The Blob because come on, what a dumb idea to remake that.  And T-Rex has already been announced as being pushed back to 2013. 

Then, one of my favorite Twitter buddies, @choptopmoseley, announces that he too voted for TDR2.  Oh really, Bill Moseley?  Do you have information that someone like me would kill for?  I replied at him to ask if he thinks Otis would still be alive and of course he didn't answer because he is the ultimate badass and I am just a dork with a blog.

Anyway, what would TDR2 look like?  A prequel to House of 1000 Corpses? Something in between House and TDR?  Did some or all of the family survive the end of the first movie?  Or is there some surviving family member to carry on the Firefly's legacy?  Unfortunately, it's not going to be Matthew McGrory (Tiny), as he passed away shortly after the filming of The Devil's Reject's.

So, what say you, horror lovers?  Is a TDR sequel a possibility?  What would it look like?  Or are my suspicions true and Rob Zombie is just faking horror nerds like me out?

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Sara said...

The mere thought of this is too exciting for words! Eee! Think of the possibilities (okay, you obviously have)! So many exclamation points!!!