Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Road (2009)

I'm not entirely sure what this movie would be catergorized as, but there were cannibals involved and people being held hostage in a basement so they could be eaten, so I suppose I can review it here.

I don't think I have to reiterate my obsession with apocalypse movies, as I've mentioned it several times before.  This movie was really intense and haunting.  In fact, after I watched it Saturday, I ran out and bought the book and read the whole thing in a day.  I will report that both movie and film were excellent.

The Road is about a post-apocalyptic world, although we never find out what causes the destruction of earth.  A man and his son are traveling south in order to avoid another winter in wherever they are living.  Their surroundings are a bleak and barren landscape -- there are no animals or vegetation, and it is always dark.  There is ash and dust covering everything, and the weather is often rainy or snowy.

There is very little food, and roaming bands of cannibals waiting to pounce on traveling humans.  The man and boy spend their days trekking, foraging for food, and keeping watch for danger.  The man's health is failing and he worries that his time to care for the boy is limited.

This movie was really deep and eerie as it truly sucked you into the story and the landscape.  The desperation of the time and place was well portrayed and there was a significantly scary basement scene.  It followed the book almost exactly, except for a few altered details.  Not a typical slasher flick, but definitely one not to be missed.

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