Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Stand (1994) - The Betrayal

In the third installment, everyone is settling into Boulder and Vegas, respectively.  Vegas is getting cleaned up by the badasses and the people in Boulder are setting up town meetings.

Although they're able to get the power back on, there's a little situation with Mother Abigail that is throwing a little kink in everyone's plans.  Nadine is busy trying to decide whether to get busy with the devil or scrap that idea and sleep with Larry.  However, Flagg makes that decision for her and tells her to go hook up with nerdy Harold and set up the actual betrayal.

Meanwhile, the committee is planning on sending spies over to Vegas to see what's up.  They're sending a cute chick named Dayna, old black dude Judge Farris, and Tom Cullen, the mildly retarded guy that Nick picked up.  Tom ends up being the best idea of all strangely enough.

In Vegas, Flagg's cronies are fooling around at the Air Force base while Trashcan Man plays with bombs.   In Boulder, Nadine is giving Harold everything but the kitchen sink as they plot to get revenge on the Free Zone Committee.  They plan to take off for Vegas after the plan is completed, where Nadine will lose her virginity and Harold will presumably live happily ever after.   

After the revenge, Mother Abigail directs the four guys: Stu, Larry, Glen, and Ralph to go west to Vegas to conquer Flagg.  Looks like we're spending most of the next episode in the city of sin!