Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Stand (1994) - The Dreams

The beginning of episode two is that everything has pretty much gone to hell.  The majority of people are dead and only those immune are left.  The shots of the deserted and empty landscapes are awe-inspiring and eerie.

Harold and Frannie are still alive and kicking in Maine.  Larry is wandering about New York City and is lucky enough to run into the lovely Nadine Cross (Laura San Giacomo)  Poor Lloyd (Miguel Ferrer) is locked up in jail since everyone bit it before they could let him out.  Andddd, we finally get to meet the Trashcan Man (Matt Frewer) who is traipsing about the midwest setting fire to oil tanks.

Larry and Nadine decide to set off for Nebraska, while Harold and Frannie are focused on finding people in Vermont.  Stu is trekking along and runs into Glen Bateman in Massachusetts.  And Nick Andros comes across Tom Cullen (Bill Fagerbakke from Coach) in Oklahoma.  And strangely enough, Frannie and Harold cruise right on past Stu and Glen sitting on the porch and they all get together to head to Nebraska, with a quick stop in Vermont as per Harold.  We even get an appearance in this episode by Shawnee Smith, good old Jigsaw's protege. 

At this point, people are either having dreams/visions about Mother Abigail (good) or Randall Flagg (evil).  The "good" people are going to Nebraska or Boulder and the "bad" ones are going to Vegas.
Mother Abigail's caravan of followers has grown pretty large and they all head into Nebraska with a larger cast of characters than we started with in episode one.  Next stop: Boulder, Colorado. 

As for Vegas...that remains to be seen.   So far, we only get a glimpse of Trashcan Man showing up, but it seems Lloyd and some others are there as well.   On to the next episode...