Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Hills Run Red (2009)

This movie was a real surprise.  I put it on my queue figuring it would be crappy and fun, but this flick had some serious chops.  The acting was kind of crappy, but it was relatively original and fast-paced.

Tyler is a film buff who is obsessed with this movie, The Hills Run Red, created by fictional horror legend Concannon.  Apparently this movie was made in the 80s, but never released for mysterious reasons.  There's some random clips on the internets, a bunch of rumors, and some weird stills.  While searching through the stills, he finds a photo of Concannon's daughter, Alexa.  He then makes it his mission to find her, hoping to find a copy of the movie, and complete his documentary project.

He finds her, much to the viewer's delight to be taking her clothes off at a strip club.  Not only that, but she's being portrayed by the gorgeous model, Sophia Monk.  Unfortch, poor Alexa Concannon is addicted to the needle and has no desire to go traipsing off through the woods to look for her dad's old movie. 

Apparently she has no idea how dedicated dude really is to this project.  He straps her down to the bed, forces her to detox, and suddenly she thinks looking for this movie is an awesome idea.  Tyler gathers up his not-so-faithful girlfriend, Serena, and their roomate Lalo.  They take off for daddy's house in the woods.

I don't want to go into too much more detail because it will give away the pretty cool twists and turns of this movie.  Obviously they run into trouble (note freaky person in picture above) and they find out some pretty interesting information about the movie.  Also, I did like how they played off of horror cliches by having cell phones that worked in the woods, a gun for protection, and the good sense to get out of some difficult situations. 

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Andy said...

Sounds interesting. To tell the truth, the title probably wouldn't have blown my skirts up but now I'm definitely checking it out. Thanks SQ!