Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Deadgirl (2008)

What a bizarre movie this was.  Not sure why this is characterized as horror...maybe because the main (?) character is kind of dead? 
This movie is about two teenaged boys who go exploring an abandoned mental hospital.  While running around in there, they find a dead girl laid out on a table.  The duller one of the pair (JT) suggests that they start having sex with her.  Rickie peaces out but JT goes through with it. 

He's visiting there and sort of living there and having sex with this supposed corpse every day.  He gets a little lonely and invites some friends in on the action.  Then they all discover that maybe she's not as dead as they presumed.  It doesn't matter to these deviants, as they keep up their little rape game anyway.

There's a bunch of gross stuff and then of course the predictable battle between JT and Rickie over what's wrong and right.  Let me make it easy for you.  Rape is wrong, whether you think the person is dead, or whether they are some sort of zombie or something.

Honestly, I felt like this movie was sick just for the sake of being sick.  And I have a stomach for most of this stuff, but unfortunately this flick didn't even have a point.  It was just a couple of hours of teenage horniness and necrophilia.  I don't recommend.

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xxxxxxxx said...

I had loaded this movie on to my Netflix a month ago, and watched it soon after .
I couldn't get this twisted ass movie out of my head for a week .
I shared with a blogger friend ,and co-workers ,and they watched it after I said, you might not want to watch this one .
They paid the price as I did .
They all still talk about it .
It's really twisted .