Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baby Blues (2008)

It has been a really awesome weekend of horror in the Scream Queen household.  It's not very often that we get two movies in a weekend that rock hardcore.

Let's start with Baby Blues.  This movie was seriously badass.  I could not even really find any Google Images that represented the horror contained in this flick.  It was original, had great acting, and was truly scary.

The mom (Colleen Porch) has serious post-partum depression.  Her husband is a truck-driver and often leaves her alone for days at a time with her four kids.  There's a baby (Nathan), younger son (Jake), daughter (Cathy), and older son (Jimmy Jr.)  The task of taking care of the children, coupled with her loneliness and low self esteem, is really affecting her.

One day, she goes to mend her husband's pants and finds a matchbook for a strip club in the pocket.  This is truly her breaking point.  Later that night, when the kids are arguing at dinner, she seriously freakin' loses it.  Something really snaps in the mom's head and she starts hunting down the kids one by one.

This movie is really short (just over an hour) and incredibly suspenseful.  It was quite disturbing in terms of death of children, but not overtly so in my opinion.  Honestly, although people are comparing this to Inside, this movie reminded me a lot of Frailty.  Definitely one to check out.  The mom was seriously creepy and they did an awesome job of making her look scarier and scarier throughout the film.  Awesome acting all around and really fast-moving storyline. 

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James Gracey said...

I really enjoyed this - it was incredibly tense and atmospheric - though at times it kinda veered into the realms of the ridiculous (I'm thinking of the scene with the combine harvester). Had the filmmakers approached this from a slightly different angle, we'd have a completely different film. I think they just about nailed the right tone though.