Sunday, December 1, 2019

Darlin (2019)

OMG The Woman was so awesome, right?  I almost forgot they were making a sequel!  I saw it when scrolling through Prime Video and I am pumped! Let's backtrack to The Woman real quick, and be reminded [SPOILERS] that The Woman took Darlin', the youngest daughter of the family, with her when she left the house, along with Socket, and oldest daughter Peggy, who appeared to follow the group. 

Darlin' was directed by Pollyanna McIntosh, who played The Woman in the first film, and is more recently known for her role as Jadis in The Walking Dead.  In perhaps a little nod to such, Cooper Andrews from TWD almost immediately appears in this movie as a nurse at the hospital where Darlin' is admitted after being hit by an ambulance.  The Woman watches from afar and murders a local homeless man. 

While her entrance into the hospital/general society seems intentional, the Catholic administration associated with the hospital seems creepily excited to take in a feral child, in the hopes that they may "save" her.  Upon arrival at the girls' home, the priest/head of the facility immediately exploits her by putting her in a cage like an animal and videotaping her reaction.  While there's one nun that seems genuinely interested in helping her, most of the staff seems focused on humiliating Darlin' or using her for some personal gain. 

I actually liked this movie overall as a continuation of The Woman.  I didn't like the marginalization of Peggy and Socket's stories, as well as only minor backstory of Darlin's life before arriving at the hospital.  There were some really cool scenes, like The Woman riding in the car with Tony, or The Woman at the park with the baby that were so perfect and real.  There was so much solid creepiness here, from the molester bishop to the weird wedding-like communion ceremony.   This is definitely not as good as  The Woman, but definitely a solid installment.  (Yes, this is actually a trilogy, with Offspring being the first movie)