Sunday, September 22, 2019

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014)

Hold on, so not only is there a Cabin Fever sequel that I haven't seen, but SEAN ASTIN is in it?!  Sunday afternoon score!  This time, we are not in the woods, but in the Dominican Republic, which of course isn't safe from flesh eating viruses. 

In an obviously doomed expedition, a group of four -- Marcus, Josh, Dobs and Penny, set off for a deserted island for Marcus's bachelor party.  In a laboratory, seemingly also in the DR, Porter (Sean Astin) is held in isolation as they try to figure out why he is a carrier of the flesh-eating pathogen, yet shows no symptoms.

Meanwhile, on the "deserted" island, everyone is getting high and swimming around in a sealife graveyard, which just really doesn't bode well.  In classic Cabin Fever fashion, you know people have to be banging when the skin starts flying off.  In a strange twist (SPOILERS), they're actually on the same island as the medical research facility where Porter is being held.  A bloodbath (quite literally) ensues. 

Much like the Wrong Turn movies, Cabin Fever(s) have a gory pull that make you want to watch just to see what disgusting thing is going to happen this time.  Of course, it's impossible to beat the shaving scene from the original but this certainly isn't the worst franchise/format out there.  Plus, I am LIVING for Sean Astin's rebirth as a chubby horror icon.  #bobnewbyforever