Sunday, October 1, 2017

American Horror Story: Cult - Neighbors from Hell

In this episode, we have a new character and a new phobia - the fear of being locked up/buried, which is miraculously cured by Ally's therapist, Dr. Rudy Vincent.  Everyone rejoices in the success, until the woman and her husband return home and get locked in caskets by the crazy clowns.  Do these clowns have some sort of "in," or are they involved with the doctor somehow?

Back to Ally, who shot Pedro in cold blood, and will easily get away with it, since the cops feel it was completely in self-defense.  However, the community feels differently, and protests outside the restaurant, and deems Ally a "lesbian George Zimmerman.  Kai, previously her enemy, latches onto the fact that she killed an immigrant while defending her home, and proclaims his support.

Ally and Ivy's weird neighbors, Harrison and Meadow, visit, wearing sombreros and lighting into Ally for the Pedro incident.  Later, Ally and Ivy find dozens of dead birds in their yard.  Winter returns, at Ivy's request, but much to Ally's dismay.  Winter, ever the horrible nanny and person, lets a man answering an ad into the house.  Turns out he's answering a fake request to sexually satisfy "two horny lesbians."  Ally and Ivy are far from amused.

Ally and Ivy return home to find a guinea pig in their strict no-pets household and find out it was brought over by Meadow and Harrison.  Ally sees the chemical truck outside, that she believes killed all the birds, and tries to confront it, getting almost run over in the process.  Meadow does the weird pinky thing with Kai, revealing her fears. 

Ally, Ivy and Oz share a meal at the restaurant, and agree to let Oz keep the guinea pig.  They return to find the clowns' symbol painted on the door, and said guinea pig being microwaved.  Ally immediately suspects Harrison and Meadow and races over to their house to confront them. Ally then confronts the chemical sprayer, only to realize he is a clown.

Harrison plays the pinky game with Kai, revealing that he wishes Meadow was dead.  Ally shares her suspicions with the police, and they are interrupted by Oz, who found a video of Winter seducing Ally.  There is commotion at the neighbors' regarding Meadow's disappearance, which Harrison blames on Ally. Ally and Ivy return to see Oz staring at a happy face on the wall.  Clowns, clowns everywhere!