Sunday, October 1, 2017

American Horror Story: Cult - 11/9

This week, we revisit election night, when Ally betrayed Ivy by voting Jill Stein.  We check in on the other characters, placing their respective votes, including some crazy recently amputated Trump voter.  Kai employs Harrison as a personal trainer, then waxes poetic about LGBTQ labels.  After cleaning the steam room, Harrison sees the happy face symbol, then "catches" Kai doing a weird exhibitionist thing in the shower.

Harrison returns home to Meadow to discover that their home is being foreclosed on.  Him and Kai have a heart to heart, which is kinda odd after the whole jerking off thing, but ok.  He follows Harrison into the steam room and DRAWS THE HAPPY FACE.  Ahhh.  Egged on by Kai, Harrison assaults and kills the asshole manager at his gym.  Kai helps him to get rid of the body and hide his tracks.

Kai becomes interested in a disgruntled reporter, Beverly, who was harassed on-air, causing her to retaliate and be committed to psychiatric care.  Upon her return, she becomes frustrated with a younger, attractive reporter who is receiving more attention.  Fortunately enough for Beverly, the clowns, apparently led by Kai, murder her rival and the cameraman.

Ivy tries to convince Ally to attend a political rally with her, but Ally doesn't see the point, given that Trump has no chance of winning.  Ivy goes to the rally alone, where she gets groped by a man.  Winter chases after the man, and Ivy and her connect and have coffee.  They follow the man to the store he works at, tase him, and tie him up.   Their intent is to make him miss the voting period, and they promise to report his location to the police in 24 hours.

However, Kai finds the man, chained by one arm, and hands him a saw.  Someone watched Saw a few too many timesss.  So it turns out this was the amputated guy voting at the beginning of the episode!  Devotion!