Thursday, September 7, 2017

American Horror Story: Cult - Election Night

I apparently don't have trypophobia, because these ads didn't freak me out.  I actually thought they were pretty cool.  We're back with a new season of AHS, and I'm going to recap it this time around, which means spoilers abound!

Probably worth noting going into this recap that I'm a major liberal/feminist/snowflake and I voted Hillary, so while holes don't scare me, Trump does.  And I sure did cry on election night.

On AHS, we see two different people reacting to the election.  Ally (Sarah Paulson) fears for her and her partner Ivy's (Allison Pill) rights. Kai (Evan Peters) celebrates, and paints himself in cheese puffs, doing a Trump impression.  He taunts Winter (Billie Lourd), who is mourning the win and its possible effect on her reproductive rights.  Turns out that they are sister and brother, and they have a strange pact that involves pinky promises...or something.

Elsewhere, a sexy couple is getting it on in a serene field.  The woman feels they're being watched, and the man jokes that it is Twisty the Clown.  Turns out that wasn't such a funny joke to make after all.  Instead of stupidly staying and mourning her now-dead boytoy, she breaks out in a decent sprint for being in a bra and miniskirt, but runs herself right into Twisty's bus.  Sooo, has Twisty returned?  No, it is just the plot of a comic that Ally and Ivy's son, Oz (Cooper Dodsen) is reading in bed.  Finding the comic sends Ally, who has coulrophobia, into a panic.  She revisits her psychologist, Dr. Rudy Vincent (Cheyenne Jackson), concerned that her fears are taking over her life again, as more begin to surface, included trypophobia.

Kai makes a presentation to his community, proposing that people be allowed to live in fear in order to flesh out the strong amongst them.  In response, Councilmen Chang (Tim Kang) has perhaps the best line of the episode:  "I'm glad that you 4chan guys feel empowered to join the rest of us in civil society now that Papa Bear Trump is telling you it's okay."

Ally spirals downward further when she has an episode at a grocery store where she feels clowns are terrorizing her.  Running away causes her to crash her car.  Ivy is concerned about the effect of Ally's mental state on their marriage, child, and business.  While they argue outside their restaurant, Kai throws a drink on them.  In need of a new nanny for Oz, they hire Winter, unaware of any connection to Kai.

Kai antagonizes a group of Mexican men into beating him.  Right from the jump, Winter is an extremely inappropriate nanny.  She asks invasive questions about his moms and shows him pictures of dead bodies, and compares it to getting vaccinations. During a romantic evening tasting at their restaurant, Ally freaks out again about holes and clowns.  At home, on a break from murder videos, Oz sees several clowns exit an ice cream truck.

According to Oz, he and Winter saw the Changs (the next door neighbors) murdered by a group of clowns, the same ones that Ally claims to have seen in the grocery store.  Winter says they didn't go outside until the police showed up.  Ally wakes in the night to a noise, and sees a clown in bed next to her!


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