Wednesday, September 13, 2017

American Horror Story: Cult - Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

You would think that clowns and Donald Trump are one and the same, but on this show they are very different!  We're back with American Horror Story: Cult and seriously, Sarah Paulson is one of the best actresses this show has had.  She just puts 100 percent into each one of these characters, IMO.

This week, Ally wakes up with a frightening clown in bed next to her.  She grabs wife Ivy to investigate, and not surprisingly, she finds nothing.  But is it just that the clowns are really fast and sneaky?!  Because now I see one in her son's room switching off the nightlight.  It's very hard to tell if the clowns are real or imagined on this show!  Oh, it was just a nightmare.  Poor Oz.

Back to Kai, who antagonized migrant workers into beating him, and is using it to speak out against undocumented citizens. He has also decided to run for city council to try and replaced Kang, who was murdered in last week's episode, possibly by clowns?  Speaking of Kang, Ally tries to peek into the house when the new neighbors are moving in their belongings.

Racial tensions run high at Ivy and Ally's restaurant in wake of the political climate and attack on Kai.  Back at home, they've apparently decided to keep employing the dumbass nanny that shows Oz murder videos.  Oz calls her out to lying to the moms about what they saw about the murders next door.  Of course, conveniently the new neighbors are beekeepers, right in time to freak out Ally with the honeycombs.  They're a little freaky themselves, TBH.

The alarm goes off at Ally's and Ivy's restaurant, and stupidly, Ally goes down there in her pajamas with no police, and clowns likely stalking her. For good measure, she wanders around a fridge full of animal carcasses, and maybe the corpse of a chef!  But who knows, because a lot of things are dreams and hallucinations on this show.

Obviously unsettled after the events of late, Ivy just goes straight to pick up her hot therapist.  As it so turns out, the chef was murdered, and police suspect Pedro, another cook.  Of course the new neighbors have an entire weapons cache that they've been building up "since Obama got elected."  Ally, newly a gun enthusiast, takes one for herself.

While fortifying their house with extra security measures, Kai knocks on the door.  He rants on with Breitbart-ish statistics and taunts her.  Back at the restaurant, Pedro laments being a suspect.  Winter, the worst nanny on earth, does a shitty job of putting Oz to bed and then seems to scare Ally on purpose as she stares at her medication.  Instead of encouraging her to take it, LIKE SHE SHOULD, she runs her a bath and pours wine. Andddd, maybe gets sort of sexual?  This show is weird.

Should your child's nanny be washing your back in the tub when your wife is at work?!  My guess is NO.  The alarm sounds...and do we think that Winter and the clowns are working together?  All signs point to YES.  The gay guy from next door comes over screaming that the power loss is a result of massive terrorism, sending Ally into a frenzy.  Winter suddenly feels the need to save her ceramics and peaces.  Ally is probably locked in her super secure house with the clowns.

Instead of just driving over to the restaurant, she runs about with a gun and hatches this ridiculous plan to run to the neighbor's house.  When she opens the door, Pedro is on the other side with supplies.  Sadly for Pedro, Ally is super trigger-happy and down goes Pedro.  Until next week!