Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Gift (2015)

This movie was categorized as a mystery/thriller but it gave me nightmares so I'm going to go ahead and write about it.  I'll venture to say that while I believe both men and women will really like this movie, I think women will find themselves more scared of it.  Unfortunately we live in a world where women often have to fear men -- whether it be strangers, friends, or even our own partners.  I saw a comedy skit recently (Hannibal Burress, maybe?) about guys not realizing the necessity of having to walk a woman back to their car, because they're not actively afraid of someone attacking them when they're just out and about.  This movie scared me because there's no supernatural aspect to it.  This is something that could literally happen to me or any woman I know.  And that, my friends, is true horror.

This movie has a couple twists and turns and although I'm usually "beware of spoilers," I'd like to not give it away in this post, especially because horror fans may have initially given this movie a pass, you know, with Michael Bluth and all.  Simon and Robin (Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall) are a young couple getting a fresh start near Simon's hometown somewhere in California.  It's insinuated that they had some problems in their prior home of Chicago that they are hoping to put behind them with this move.

While purchasing furniture and decor, they run into an old classmate of Simon's, Gordo (Joel Edgerton), who Simon cannot immediately place.  But he recalls Gordo as a "weirdo" and while Robin seeks friendship, Simon would just like to move on.  Gordo, as it was, seeks friendship as well. Noting their address from when they spoke to the cashier, he leaves a bottle of wine on their doorstep, prompting a dinner invitation.  Subsequently, the gift deliveries continue.  What seems friendly as first becomes imposing, and then creepy.  Robin becomes increasingly paranoid, and finds herself wary of both Gordo and Simon.

And that's as far I'm going to go before giving anything away, but the only other thing I can say is see this movie now!  It's creepy, well written, flows nicely, and sticks with you.