Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Seasoning House (2012)

I did a major overhaul of my Netflix instant queue yesterday.  Whereas I used to be able to bang out 6 movies on a lazy weekend, now I'm lucky to get through one or two.  So therefore, I had to cull all the one-star stuff that I used to love to hate.  I've turned the parenting duties over to Scream King for a little while, and first up this afternoon is The Seasoning House, which I've been hearing about.

The Seasoning House is the story of a brothel in the Balkans, which mainly supplies kidnapped prostitutes for military men.  Angel, originally kidnapped to be a prostitute herself, is deemed unattractive due to a large birthmark on her face, however, trustworthy due to the fact that she is a deafmute.  Instead of being killed or abandoned, she is assigned to work for the owner of the brothel, Ivan, cleaning up and drugging the women that work there.

Sadly, women keep dying as the patrons of the brothel are raping and abusing them to an extreme degree.  Angel, who is able to traverse the house through crawlspaces, unbeknownst to the men, befriends Vanya, who communicates with her through sign language.  When she sees the group who brought her into the brothel in the first place, with one of the men violently raping Vanya, she snaps.  This leads to multiple deaths, standoffs and attempted escapes.  The movie ends on a high note, for one person at least.

This isn't a standard horror movie with blood and guts, and there's actually little to no nudity, even with the portrayals of graphic rape.  This isn't one to watch with a six pack and popcorn, but is a well-made thriller nonetheless.