Sunday, June 7, 2015

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014)

I'm such a sucker for the Wrong Turn movies.  I wonder if the use of the word "last" in the title means they are ending the series.  I mean there's really no reason to keep making these movies, but people like me keep watching them!

We get the typical Wrong Turn beginning.  A poor, unsuspecting couple is gettin' nekkid in the West Virginia woods only to be happened upon by deformed cannibals.  Meanwhile, two other likely-unfortunate groups are traveling to WV to check out a hotel that one of them, Danny (Anthony Ilott) inherited.

What they imagined to be a little motel in the woods is a massive, sprawling old inn complete with hot springs and a weird brother/sister/lover caretaker duo, Jackson and Sally (Chris Jarvis and Sadie Katz). Jackson tells the cannibals to leave the visitors alone, but they've never really been good listeners, have they?

As things start to go awry, Jackson and Sally become more and more excited to introduce Danny to his family, and I imagine you can guess who that is.  The longer they spend at the hotel, the more Danny wants to live there permanently, therefore turning against his friends and girlfriend.

"You don't know me anymore!  I've changed!"

So I thought the backdrop of the crumbling resort was pretty cool (it was filmed in Bulgaria, which is becoming a very popular location for horror flicks) but I was disappointed in the lack of deformed cannibals and, more importantly, creative and gory deaths.  Plus there's this weird side story about public sex in stirrups that made absolutely no sense.  It's left open, of course, to a sequel, possibly involving an inbred baby that they're excitedly trying to make as the movie wraps up.  So I won't be surprised if we see a Wrong Turn 7 (Three Cannibals and a Baby?) on the horizon.