Sunday, June 14, 2015

Finders Keepers (2014)

Oh, those sweet, sweet words, "a SyFy original movie."  And this one's a true trifecta: Jaime Pressly, Tobin Bell, and a possessed doll. I'm a child of the 80s that grew up fearing Chucky, so the whole devil doll thing penetrated my fragile little mind from a young age.
Holy crap, what did Jaime Pressly do to her HAIR?! She was going for a Carey Mulligan and got slapped with Demi Moore circa Ghost.  Unfortunate.

Alyson (Jaime Pressly) and her daughter Claire (Kylie Rodgers) move into a house where shit clearly went down in the past.  Claire immediately finds an extremely creepy doll and demands to keep it.  Upon befriending this doll, Claire instantly becomes a total asshat, refusing to go to school and sitting in her room, singing and ripping the wings off flies...oh, and maybe killing cats.  Possibly humans.  You know how this stuff can get out of hand.

A psychiatrist, Dr. Freeman (Tobin Bell) says that it's the stress of moving, but when Alyson sees some pictures of the former residents of the house with the doll, she goes looking for Zachary (Joey Luthman).  And ooops, it turns out that he murdered his entire family and two cops, something that the real estate agent failed to mention.

So while Dr. Freeman accuses Alyson of child abuse, the doll strengthens its hold on Claire until they are physically and mentally connected.  They try to throw the doll away but you know those little assholes make their way back.  

This was a pretty predictable possessed doll movie, with nothing new to offer this sub-category.  And I'm a big fan of SyFy original movies because I feel like they can be intentionally/hilariously bad, but this one didn't fall into that realm either.  The Wikipedia summary is pure gold, though.