Monday, July 14, 2014

Devil's Due (2014)

Literally the thing I'm most interested about in terms of this movie is the prankvertisement they used to promote it...a horrifying baby robot rolling around the streets of NYC.  If you haven't seen this thing, you have to watch it.  Anyway, it did it's job and drew me into putting Devil's Due on my Netflix queue.

Much to Scream King's dismay, this movie is not about a devil baby riding around terrorizing people.  It's about a young couple Samantha (Allison Miller) and Zach (Zach Gilford) who are on their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic.  Sam was an orphan and knows nothing about her family history, and they go to a fortune teller that frightens both of them by knowing much about her life, and claiming that people are "waiting for her."  While trying to get home later, they grab a cab, which promises to take them to a really fun party.

In a scene out of Turistas, they get hammered at this basement party, and an entire chunk of the night goes missing from their memories.  Weeks later, they find out that Sam is pregnant, and while the couple tries to be happy, Sam exhibits increasingly strange and violent behavior leading up to her due date.

Like most horror fans, I'm kinda over the whole jump scare thing, and there was plenty of it in this movie.  It was a little bit Paranormal Activity and a little bit The Exorcism of Emily Rose, plus they had a little cult backstory thrown in.  I kinda wanted to dislike this movie because of all the cliches, but I actually really ended up getting a kick out of it.  There's some truly creepy parts, and I'm a sucker for possession movies.  Hopefully this is on Netflix instant soon, because I can't see too many people taking up a spot on their precious DVD queue for this one.  It is worth a watch though.  Just don't expect any roaming robot babies.