Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Loved Ones (2009)

Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.  I loveeedd this movie, man.  Even Scream King loved this movie, and I haven't heard him say a nice thing about a horror movie in a while.  I have been waiting forever for this movie to come out, and finally it popped up on my Netflix DVD queue, which I have to remind myself to check nowadays since I mostly stream.  This was well worth the wait and it was deliciously concise at a wonderful 84 minutes.

The Loved Ones is the story of Lola Stone (Robin McLeavy).  With the end of the school year dance approaching, she asks her crush, Brent (Xavier Samuel) to attend with her.  But Brent already has a girlfriend, Holly (Victoria Thaine) and he politely declines.  Meanwhile his friend, Jamie (Richard Wilson) is thrilled to score a date with sexy goth Mia (Jessica McNammee).  Everyone goes their own way to get ready for the dance, including Lola, who is very hurt over Brent's rejection.  So hurt, in fact, that she kidnaps Brent for a private dance at her house.

It turns out that Lola and her family don't really have it all together.  Her father is so dedicated to her (in an incestuous way) that he's happy to kidnap and torture any boys who don't love his little Lola right off the bat.  In this house of horrors, the dance from hell ensues, including threatened castration, lobotomies, bleach to the voicebox, and just plain creepiness.  This movie manage to be demented and trippy from start to finish, and we learn that other characters are all tied together in a strange way.

The acting was great, the story was awesome, and there were some great little twists throughout.  There's also a little tongue in cheek about the whole thing, which I believe was certainly intended.  I just really couldn't find anything wrong with this movie, and I really liked it overall.