Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bedevilled (2010)

I've always been a fan of Korean horror/revenge movies, but recent events in my life have sparked a renewed interest.  My husband and I have started the process for international adoption, and we hope our future little one will come from Korea!  So expect to see some more Korean movie reviews than usual.

Bedevilled begins in Seoul, where Hae-won works at a bank.  The stress of the job has been getting to her, and after flipping out on a co-worker, she is forced to take a vacation.  At first she just sits at home and drinks, but then decides to reconnect with an old friend Bok-nam, who lives on a remote island where Hae-won's grandfather used to live.

Life on the island is certainly...different...and Bok-nam basically gets treated like a slave by her husband, and the other older women who live there.  She only has love for her young daughter, who she finds out is being abused by her husband.  Hae-won tries to use the trip for rest and relaxation, but she soon realizes that everything isn't alright in the little community.

After a tragedy involving her daughter, Bok-nam snaps and decides to take revenge on those who have abused and degraded her for her whole life.  The result is a bloody revenge story, where Hae-won is caught in the middle.

I really liked this movie.  It was definitely a slow burn, and plodded along at first, but then turned satisfyingly gruesome.  It's one of the few Korean horror movies available on Netflix streaming, so check it out :)


Real Queen of Horror said...

I absolutely love the Korean culture and especially Korean films! They are on a whole different level over there! Congrats to you & your husband for wanting to adopt a bundle of joy, I hope everything goes according to plan! :)

Bedevilled has been on my watch list for a while, I saw it on Netflix and knew I needed to check it out! I love slow burns & you convinced me to watch it ASAP!