Monday, September 2, 2013

Under the Dome Episode 11 "Speak of the Devil"

The kids are all in the barn, examining the constellations and trying to figure out what's up.  They feel overwhelmed, but figure they can tell Julia everything that's going on, since the dome has "spoken" to her without apparent consequence.  Linda is grilling Big Jim, but as usual, he's turning her suspicions onto someone else, in this case Barbie.

Julia comes down to check on Barbie, who is in the doghouse and sleeping on the couch.  Since she's realized he's farrr superior to her loser husband, she thinks their relationship can move forward as long as she sees her husband's grave.  But she doesn't get very far, because Maxine rings the freakin' doorbell and shoots her right in the chest.  WTF this lady is insane.  Luckily Barbie has a walkie talkie and is able to contact Linda ASAP to rush over there.

Junior thinks that his involvement in the dome means that he and Angie should be together.  God, why does she keep involving herself with this nutbag?!  She says that they'll never be together, but somehow I don't think she's going to follow through on that.  Junior threatens to leave the whole mini-dome setup, because he'd rather die in the dome than be away from Angie.

Joe and Barbie have possibly the best exchange of the ep, and maybe the season:

Barbie: Joe!  Can you drive?

Joe: I have my learner's permit but the guy said I didn't check my mirrors.

A storm is brewing outside, and Maxine rushes over to the police station to pretend to care about Julia, and hit on Junior.  Big Jim refers to her as "the devil."  Joe drives very badly, and Scream King repeatedly asks why Joe doesn't cover the gunshot wound while Barbie drives instead.  Then he would have more time to worry about the dome being "angry with them."

Luckily Julia has a Prius, which they plug in before they can even get Julia into the hospital.  The nurse deserts Barbie and Julia to tend to someone else, but apparently Barbie is basically a doctor so we're all set.  Jim tries to fill Junior in on Maxine's evil, but Junior's probably pretty focused on her appearance. Jim fears Max will try to hurt Junior.  Since apparently this is how their family solves all problems, Big Jim locks Junior in the house to defend himself.

Dodee gets the radio working again, and hears some people talking about how they're looking for Barbie.  Angie goes rushing to Junior's to beg him to rejoin the group and stop the storm.  Apparently the dome really wants them to be together because it backs the fuck off.  Dr. Barbie saves the day, AS EXPECTED.  Joe waxes poetic about Barbie saving the whole town.  He thinks HE IS THE MONARCH.  Mind blown.

Maxine takes a quiet, post-attempted-murder stroll along the water, and of course, finds her dead mother conveniently washing ashore.  Barbie stands at Julia's bedside and literally gets hotter by the moment.  He entrusts her care to the stupid nurse that ran off earlier.  Major Prius product placement with all this plugging and unplugging.  If you own a Prius, you will be able to travel about if trapped in the dome.

Barbie and Jim argue about how to take care of Max.  Barbie uses the word throne!  Symbolism!  Joe just has such a man-crush on Barbie.  The quartet decides to travel to a specific point in the dome and touch it together.  They think this will provide answers.  Barbie starts hooking up electronics and explosives and Jim is definitely thinking he can't keep up.  Linda is starting to suspect Barbie in Linda's shooting....nooo.

Jim and Barbie try to sneak into the underground fight club/cement factory the back way, but get grabbed by Max right off the bat.  This chick just will not give up her romantic interest in Barbie. Apparently she shot Julia out of jealous rage!  Ew, find your own man, bitch.  Once again, Barbie saves the day McGuyver-style, while Linda continues her search for him.

OMG Big Jim is such a psycho.  Barbie needs to get away from him ASAP.  Of course, after shooting Max and her goon, and planning to shoot Barbie, he still finds a way to frame Barbie.  Linda shoots at Barbie, but he manages to make an escape.  Big Jim gets on the radio, accuses Barbie of all the murders and declares a state of emergency, and a dome-wide search for Barbie.

The four touch the dome at once and see an image of Big Jim bleeding from several stab wounds, and all the kids holding a bloody knife.  Creeeeppppyyyy.  They think that the dome will come down if Big Jim dies.  I wouldn't argue with that kind of logic!

Next week?  Big Jim hides the truth!  Norrie says he doesn't scare her!  Jim says the dome CAN'T come down!  2 more episodes left!  Yipeee!


Anonymous said...

1)Why didn't the nurse tell the sheriff that Barbie saved Julias' life after he brought her in? 2)Why did he hand Big Jim the gun after he subdued Maxine and her thug knowing full well that Jims' a sociopath who wanted to kill her her in the first place to keep her mouth shut? 3)Why does the sheriff costantly believe everything that Big Jim tells her,knowing full well the he's full of crap? 4)why do I keep watching this show when it's so,so bad? I can't even give it a rating cuz the writing is so lazy aand unbelievable.

Abby M said...

Hi thanks foor posting this