Monday, September 2, 2013

Under the Dome Episode 10 "Let the Games Begin"

The first rule of Dome Club is....tell everyone about Dome Club, hire some bouncers, and form an orderly queue?  Only 9 days into the dome, and Maxine has already created an underground fight club at the old cement mill.  There's booze and fights for gambling purposes, and also for Maxine to gather supplies for herself.  She blackmails Barbie into fighting, but he throws the fight, which doesn't matter because she bet against him anyway.  She tries to once again get in his pants but he's having none of it.  He's tired of her holding this Peter-death-thing over his head so he gives up and decides he doesn't care if Julia finds out.  Julia is surprisingly chill about it, as she discovers that Peter wanted to commit suicide due to his crippling debt, but the murder worked out and everything because she'll collect on a giant life insurance policy.  Also, Barbie is wayyy hotter anyway.

Meanwhile, Linda goes digging for some more background on the drug trade, specifically Duke's involvement.  She finds out that after Duke's son died from drugs, he was obsessed with keeping them out of Chester's Mill.  Therefore he made the deal with Maxine that they could store all the drug stuff here as long as it got sold outside the area.  The creepy Reverend was in charge of laundering the money.

Big Jim goes looking for where Maxine is staying and he runs across Agatha, who he thinks is the caretaker of this really nice house.  Nope, turns out it's Maxine's mom.  Agatha claims to know all of the town's secrets, including those of Jim and Barbie.  However I think they've both had enough of this blackmailing nonsense.  Agatha should know that Big Jim will off anyone at the drop of a hat, and he has no problem tying her up and giving her a little tap off the edge of the boat.  Problem solved.

Linda comes to Big Jim's house to confront him about the drugs, but she lets him off wayyy too easy, like it seems everyone on this show does.  She wants to chat now, but he suggests he'll just meet her in the morning at the police station and for some reason, she totally goes for it.

Back to the mini dome.  Joe, Norrie, and Angie are still trying to find the "fourth hand" but in the midst of their search, Dodee sneaks into the barn and touches the mini dome, causing her to pass out.  The kids rush her to the hospital, where Angie asks if they can remember anyone else ever having a seizure.  The nurse reminds her that Junior had a seizure during their tenth grade dance.  I guess it only makes sense at this point that Junior would be the "fourth hand."  When they all touch the dome together, pink stars go flying all over the barn.  But what does it all mean?!  Also there might be a butterfly living in the mini dome.  Until next week!