Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Caller (2011)

This movie has been lingering forever on my Netflix queue, until I noticed that it stars my new favorite redhead, Rachelle Lefevre, who is currently heating up the screen on Monday nights on Under the Dome.  Also, Stephen Moyer!  I'm Team Eric, but I'll still watch him in a movie.  Also, it's filmed in Puerto Rico, where I just traveled to and absolutely loved!  So these are all good reasons to devote a couple hours to a horror movie, right?

Mary Kee (Lafevre) is going through a difficult divorce, involving restraining orders and the whole nine yards.  Desperate to get quickly separated from her husband, she rents a rundown apartment in San Juan.  After her arrival, she begins to receive strange phone calls from an older woman, Rose, looking for someone named Bobby, who obviously doesn't live there.  Annoyed at first, Mary thinks the woman may be lonely and disturbed, so she chats with her a bit.  But as she begins to become frightened by Rose, Mary attempts to cut off contact.  This greatly angers Rose, who sets out to exact revenge.

[Side note: Can either of these people do a sex scene wrong?  Between Bill/Sookie and Julia/Barbie, and now these two together, it's surprising that my TV doesn't catch fire]

Supernatural movies are sometimes a little confusing to me, especially those that attempt to bend the space/time continuum as this one does.  The premise of this movie reminded me a bit of The Butterfly Effect, like you can change something small that happened in the past and it alters your entire future.  When Mary talks to Rose, she can alter the past, most notably the behavior of her younger self.

For a ghost/supernatural movie, this flick was pretty good.  Since I'm more of a fan of real-life horror movies, I would have loved if the lady actually was stalking her a la Inside.  Fun fact: the caller's voice is the creepy lady from Drag Me to Hell (Lorna Raver).  The acting was good and everything was significantly creepy, although I do think they could have done a little more with the ties to the past.  Some more scenes like the boiling water/instant scars would have been cool.  But not a bad watch.  Check it out on Netflix instant.