Friday, August 2, 2013

Under the Dome Episode 5 - "Blue on Blue"

Oh, the poor people of Chester's Mill.  They just can't seem to get a break.  They wake up to discover this huge swarm of monarch butterflies hanging on the dome.  That's weird, but doesn't really get explained. The residents are excited to see that, yay, it's visiting day.  Their family and friends have come to see them.  Officer Linda warns everyone NOT TO TOUCH the dome, then she herself goes running up to it and kisses it when she sees her fiance.  Hypocrite.

Lots of random people come out of the blue, including Norrie's dad, which she previously thought to be a random sperm donor.  Nope!  He had a relationship with your mom and has the pictures to prove it.  Julia's sister-in-law randomly has a letter from Julia's husband (who we all know to be dead and buried within Chester's Mill) that apologizes for being a screw up and basically gets Barbie off the hook for his murder.  Barbie finally plays the special ops military card in order to get some information from the dudes stationed outside.  They're all ooops, sorry but we're bombing this place in a hot minute so brace yourself.

Okay, so I have to admit that Angie is just kind of an idiot.  Big Jim lets her out of her basement prison, and she goes running for her house.  Which makes sense because she's looking for her brother.  But instead, she finds Junior.  Instead of just RUNNING THE FUCK OUT THE DOOR, she just sits down and chills with him.  This girl is the worst.  Meanwhile, Joe and Norrie are looking everywhere for Angie, as the entire town decides to take shelter underground in the old cement mill.

Big Jim has has absolutely e-freakin-nough of Reverend Crazypants and pushes his ear (complete with hearing aid) into the dome.  Boom, bleeding from the ear and dead.  Everyone is gathering in the mill, and Julia had the foresight to bring wine.  This is my kinda plan.  She also has the brilliant thought to share it with Barbie.  Bawm chicka bawm bawm. 

Everyone in this underground lair pretty much knows that the bomb is going to kill them all, shelter or no shelter, but they're trying to make the best of it.  Barbie gives DJ Phil back a watch that he must have used to pay his gambling debt.  DJ Phil dances with the girl from the radio station.  Meanwhile, everyone realizes a little too late that Joe and Norrie are still running around looking for Angie.  So everyone is underground except Joe and Norrie (sitting on a porch swing), Angie and Junior (snuggling in her bedroom), and Linda (reminiscing about Rusty at the radio station).  In one of the better shots of this show, the missile comes flying towards the dome as Norrie and Joe kiss.  We all knew the dome wasn't going to be destroyed right?  The residents of Chester's Mill live to fight another day!  But, you know, a little disconcerting that the strongest missile in the world can't destroy this dome.  Ooops. 


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